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Freediving / Boat rebuild / Diving


Last year Sharm hosted the Free Diving Championships & we were lucky enough to have Carlos Costa, Stig and most of the Spanish team on board.  We had a great day at Shark & Yolander and the guys managed to have some fun in between training for the competition.

Boat Rebuild

Dive Runner came out of the Dry dock earlier last year after having a major overhaul and re-fit.

We have raised the bow and sides adding 2Mtrs to the over-all length, completely rebuilt the sundeck and salon, had wooden flooring fitted through-out, giving her a modern feel, as well as repainting.  

Here are a few photos of the work in progress.





The Mantas are back on the local reefs, which is good news and at the moment have not been discovered by other dive centers and boats. We are just wating for the Whale sharks to come in again which should be in the next few weeks.

At the start of May we had two Spanish Mackerel, which were around 2.5 metres long (and thats no fishermans tale!) on Jackfish Alley. Never seen these before and had to look them up in a book.

The water temperature at the moment is 24c and warming up nicely - roll on summer.....

The diving over the last month or so has been excellent to say the least, here on the local reefs there have been daily sightings of large Mantas and Whale sharks.  On 30th July there was a bait-ball of sardines which attracted 4 large whalesharks who were at Middle Garden for around 8 hours.  Many resident guides have said that this was the best day's diving ever had in Sharm.

Hammerheads are in abundance at the back of Jackson reef at the moment too.

In June, a group from Go Dive, Derby, England spotted a rare Guitar Fish which was brilliant.