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Ras Umm Sid

- well known divespot
- varied landscape
- easy dive
- Gorgonian forest
- where big fish meet

- depth: 15 - 25 m

Directly under the lighthouse the dive is started on the angled reef wall. The cliff marking our left we head for the cape. Soon the dropp off wall with the stunning Gorgonian forest emerges from the blue. Glasfish and lionfish seek shelter between the huge fan corals and with a look towards the sun you will discover jackfish and snappers circling ahead. Slowly we grope our way towards the vertical wall of the cape. Cautious not to be swept away by the light current we have a lookout for the grey reef shark that sometimes patrols here. Also to be observed are barracudas which use the current for their food intake. The light current will let us fly over the first part of the coral plateau which is full of pinacles resembling a fruit garden. Between the "trees" stingrays, trunk- and porcupine fish, scorpion- and stonefish are housing. Finally we arrive at a wonderful coral head that makes the fotographer´s heart jump: hordes of glasfish inside and in between, anemone fish and brasses, butterfly fish - all packed together. Shortly after this encounter we end the dive on the west side of Ras Umm Sid.