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Thomas Reef

                                                              - one of 4 reefs in the Strait of Tiran
- various diving possibilities
- easy dive
- walls and crevices
- temporarily strong current

- depth: 15 - 30 m

The dive starts on the eastern side of Thomas Reef . This side is bright and colourful, a glimpse over the right shoulder out into the blue may reveal bigger fish. On most parts you can see the bottom as the reef drops off angled. The reef itself houses giant morey eels, lionfish, bighead jackfish, schools of bannerfish and numerous species of tropical fish. During the winter- and spring months tunas and barracudas pass by. We leave "Thomas Canyon" underneath, which can be entered at 35 meters but is too deep for us recreational divers. On reaching the north side strong currents pick up frequently and carry us along until we come to the darker, steeper side of the reef. Now one needs to overcome a short passage of countercurrent. Impressive crevices and overhangings resemble alpine terrain and are shelter for big groupers, soldier fish and rays. As the water is in constant motion caused by currents and surf big groups of jackfish, snappers and fusiliers stand waiting for nutrition floating by. The decreasing surf on the surface signals the westside of Thomas Reef where the dive ends.