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Shark Reef & Yolanda Reef

- Sinai´s southernmost tip
- marine national park
- meeting of Gulf of Aqaba & Gulf of Suez
- temporarily strong currents

- vertical wall, coral garden and wreck
- depth: 15 - 30 m

Situated on the southern tip of Ras Mohamed National Park and inhabitated by large schools of fish due to its rich waters, Shark- and Yolanda Reef has become one of the best known divesites of the Red Sea. The varied underwater landscape as well as the thriving marine life make this dive an unforgetable one.

Dependent on the currents our dive starts on the northern edge of Shark Reef´s vertical wall. The only visual reference is the reef on our right shoulder, as the wall drops off vertically 700 meters into the deep. Here you can dive trough big schools of snappers and jackfish, hardly annoyed by a diver´s presence. The following saddle between the two reefs houses a large school of barracudas sometimes accompanied by single grey reef sharks. Passing the saddle we reach the colourful coral garden of Yolanda Reef where you need to look out after turtles and Napoleon fish. After the garden we head right on the plateau and towards the remains of "Yolanda" wreck. The wreck itself sank into the blue in 1987 but one can hardly oversee the cargo: bathtubs, toilets and wallpaper. In between, blue spotted stingrays, crocodile fish and morey eels made themselves at home. In the end we circle the small satellite reef and explore the backside of the reef on 8 meters depth. The dive ends alongside Ras Mohamed´s main reef.