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Course:Duration:Content:Prerequisites:Price:Price during a safariBooking
1Discover Snorkeling1 dayCorrect snorkeling under guidancenone1510no

Discover Scuba diving

1 dayIntroduction to diving, incl. 1 dive in confined waters    1 dive in open watermin age10, complete the Padi medical statement6545yes
3Padi Scuba diver2 dayIntroduction to diving, theory and skills, incl. 4 divesPadi medical statement165145yes

Open Water Diver

3-4 daysThis course makes you a fully acknowledged diver Padi medical statement*250240yes
5Advanced open water diver2-3 daysIntroduction to 5 special fields in diving :- It is mandatory on some dive sites to be Advanced open water OWD165145yes
5Rescue Diver3 daysTraining to become a rescue specialist. Safety trainingAOWD250210yes
6Dive MasterEducation to be a dive professional and dive guide.RD530500yes
7Refresher course1 dayTo refresh you skills at diving if you have been out of the water for a while :- 2 divesOWD5035no
Speciality course:
8Deep Dive Specialist2 daysDeepen your knowledge about decompression theory and safety procedures.AOWD170140yes
9Wreck Dive Specialist2 daysExploration of wrecks and safety procedures.AOWD145115yes
9aWreck Dive Spec. Thistlegorm2 daysExploration of the world famous wreckAOWD140yes
10Enriched Air Nitrox2 daysDiving with enriched air (Nitrox)OWD145115yes
2 daysTraining and skills in underwater navigation.OWD135100yes
12Search and Recovery Spec.2 daysTraining and skills in underwater search and recovery techniquesOWD135100yes
13Night Dive Specialist2 daysSafety procedures and special techniques in night divingOWD135100yes

All prices in EUR per person. Valid until 2015, equipment (only with course 1,2,3,4,). Course 2 can be credited towards course 3 and course 2 and 3 can be credited towards course 4. If after completing Discover Scuba Diving you wish to go on to Padi Scuba Diver then the difference in course costs only needs to be paid (the same applies to Padi Scuba Diver to Padi Open Water Diver)

For the Rescue Diver course the completition of Medic First Aid and CPR training within the last 12 months is mandatory.

PADI pics €35.00

PADI Training OW books €30.00