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Wreck of the "Dunraven"

- British steamer merchant ship
- steel hull, wooden superstructure
- built in 1873, sunk in 1876
- rediscovered in 1978-79

- lenght: 85 m, Width: 10 m
- depth: 15 - 32 m

Loaded with timber, cotton and spices Dunraven was on her way from Bombay to England when she hit the southern tip of Shaab Mahmud Reef in 1876. Initially the damage was not taken all too serious by the crew but during the course of the night the ship slid down the reef slope and came to a halt upside down. Luckily all crew members were able to escape by climbing the reef top.

A dive on Dunraven starts with the exploration of the bow, which lies on 18m. This area is vastly destroyed as it was the bow which hit the reef first. You can dive into the anchor chamber and the bypass through a bigger crevice. Passing the outer starboard hull we reach the wreck´s bigger rear part, which can be entered through a tunnel-like opening. This is the home of numerous glasfish, groupers and brasses. As we pass the enormous steam boilers the wreck opens up in an amazing perspective: On your right blue light fills the bigger part of the wreck through a wide tear, on top and up in the bilge you find the gigantic drive shaft, on the left the mysterious darkness needs to be explored with your torch. Some wooden planks can be found. We follow the ship´s longitudinal axis inside the hull until we reach the dome-shaped stern. There we leave the wreck´s interior. Now the propellor and the rudder make a fantastic foto backdrop. We end the dive along the lively reef of "Beacon Rock".